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 Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero

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Lukeros Gabriel
Lukeros Gabriel

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Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero Empty
PostRock Band vs. Guitar Hero

This week, during the JCR podcast, we decided that rather than a single review...it would be a better idea to compare two very similar games. I'm sure many people out there have invested many hours into one or the other, if not both. They are both certainly great games, yet people waste numerous hours debating over which is superior. It was our intention to see if there were any truth to these claims, or at least attempt to find what it comes down to. This week's Podcast review was on two video game series giants- considered by many to be legendary...Rock Band, vs Guitar Hero...

Guitar Hero:

Some would say that Guitar Hero was the Original. Created in 2005 by Harmonix (who would later create Rock Band in 2007) and Red Octane, it soon became a staple in Rhythm games. Though it may not have been the first to bring a whole band to the screen, it surely boasted its accuracy towards the instruments they mimic, which becomes increasingly apparent with each following release. A few examples of this are the open strum function, the slide function, and the tap function released in GH: World Tour, which was also the first of the series to allow an entire band to play, much like Rock Band. World Tour also released a drum set controller with much more realism than that of the competitor, and for those who are doubtful enough to pass on it, you can actually use a real electronic drum set with this game. The songs per Guitar Hero release vary on a wide array of genres and though they receive criticism for this, it guarantees a good time regardless of what type of music you listen to. The latest installments allow all four players to be whatever instruments they choose to be, whether they want a full band, or four vocalists. I personally have always wanted to watch four drummers go at it at once. With all these strengths, it's close to perfect. The only thing that the series lacks is the ingenuity within the vocals system. Guitar Hero is perfect if you like singing along, but if you wish to really be the singer, you have to go in a different direction...

Rock Band:

Though Rock Band may not specifically share every strength that Guitar Hero does - if any - it does certainly have an enormous strength which Guitar Hero does not. While Guitar Hero does allow you to sing with the singer, and it allows you to lower and raise the volume of both the singer and the vocalist independently, the player's voice will come through muffled at best, still easily overpowered by the vocalist - even with the vocalist's volume all the way down, and the singer's all the way up. Rock Band, however, allows the player to be the spotlight. Though you can't technically mute the vocalist, lowering the vocalist volume can get quiet the vocalist enough to basically hide the voice. Combining this with raising the singer's volume creates what I consider true karaoke because while the vocals are minimized while the singer is maximized...you can hear no other voice than yours. Though Rock Band doesn't have open strum, sliding or tapping, a wide selection of genres, or a realistic - not to mention quiet - drum set design, this karaoke effect raises Rock Band's greatness to equal that of Guitar Hero. So without a tie-breaker, who wins...?

Sadly, the only imperfection Guitar Hero suffers is the problem earlier written concerning the vocalist, disabling it from attaining a perfect score. Keep in mind that the views of this blog is that of the poster (me), and doesn't necessarily represent that of the entire JCR (though in this case, it mostly does), and may not meet your views in the least. This article is written based on experience and opinion. Also understand that none of us have played Rock Band 3 at all, so our views could completely change over night, but for the moment, this is where it stands. If you feel I've missed anything, be sure to make a comment stating your opinion.

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Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero

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