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 Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires

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PostDynasty Warriors 6 Empires

Have you ever wanted to conquer China? Or how about serving as an officer to a lord and helping them achieve their dream? Well Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires lets you do just that. The game is an action strategy game where you plan out what you’re going to do during your turn. Then, when you go into combat, it turns into an action game where you get a set amount of time to complete your objective. The best part about this game for me, is the ability to create your own character. You get to choose your characters voice, what kind of magic they use, their special ability and the weapon they go into battle with.

The campaign is split between different scenarios with different numbers of factions in each one. After you have chosen the scenario, you start the game as a mercenary. You can do jobs for the different factions for money and other rewards. When you have decided on a faction, you can join them and serve as an officer or you can try and overthrow the current ruler. If you decided to become an officer you can still do what you did as a mercenary, but you will be given missions to do from your leader as well. They can be things from protecting farmers to invading enemy territory

Now if serving is not your thing and you become the new leader, your only goal is to unify China under your banner one territory at a time. Don’t worry though, you’ll have officers to assist you in your goals. Every few turns a meeting is held where you can use your or your officer’s special abilities. Now when you are ready to take over a territory, you select who you want to take with you into battle and move into the territory you want to take over. When the battle starts you’re shown a layout of the battlefield, where your army is and where your outposts are. You’re also given an objective to complete within the time limit, like kill the enemy leader. If you do finish the mission, you win the battle and gain the territory. Every territory can have certain benefits like an armory, stables, forge, general store, and a gem store. Some territories will have all the stores and some won’t, but you also get a profit from each province you own that will go to upgrade you and your army. Overall the game is fun, but can get a little boring and frustrating at times.

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Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires :: Comments

Lukeros Gabriel
Re: Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires
Post on Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:09 am by Lukeros Gabriel
Let it be known to all readers that this entire review was actually written out over literally 10 messages on a cell phone because Robert didn't have access to a computer at the time. How awesome is that?! I feel this blog deserves a lot of rep, good job Robert!

Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires

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