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 Aquaman: Down-Syndrome of Super Heroes

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Lukeros Gabriel

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PostSubject: Aquaman: Down-Syndrome of Super Heroes    Mon Feb 21, 2011 9:31 pm

A while ago, the Jorge Quote of the day was something I had said in the podcast (Super Fail) during the Topic of Discussion. "Aquaman is like the down syndrome of super heroes". There then came a long string of comments about my quote, and I decided to post it here since it gets pretty humurous (and since this is where it would go anyway). If anyone wants to continue the conversation, by all means...

>DD : Calling Aquaman a superhero is like calling LARPing an art.
>JMQ: No he is to a superhero Id like to see you communicate and control large creatures to do your bidding!!!
>DD : I do. all it takes is a little...persuasion.
>JMQ: ‎... no just no...
>RS: By that logic: If I ask a grizzly bear to maul a hiker, and the bear does it, that makes me a super villain, right?
>JMQ: no you must comand it!!! viillans dont ask!!!
>DD: That iiis true...
>RS: Very well JMQ. Would you say that Doctor Dolittle is a superhero then? lol
>JMQ: ‎... no, he does not do anything life saving for the human community to be given that title, but among the animal kingdom maybe!
>RS: Aqua Man doesn't do any life-saving either. He's just piggy-backing on the whales' accomplishments.
>JMQ: no he tells them to carry ppl to shore if drowning, to help to put out nearby fires, and kicks ass in the animated justic league unlimited!
>RS: So if I tell someone to put out a fire, that makes me a fire-fighter? Razz
>RS: By the way, I'm just playing devil's advocate here. I know Aqua Man is a superhero.
>JMQ: ‎... a supervisor maybe but a fire fighter no, and he does other things too
>JMQ: ‎... I guessed as much but I like to defend
>JCR: You guys do realize we have a forum for this kind of stuff...(lmao - Jorge)
>RS: Facebook is pretty much a big forum anyway
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Aquaman: Down-Syndrome of Super Heroes

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