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 Black and White Series

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PostBlack and White Series

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were a god? Would you use your powers to help the people and do what you could to make their lives easier, or would you put your needs first and do whatever you wanted. If you have answered yes to the follwing question then your in luck, black and white might just be the game for you. In the game you take on the role of a god, be it a good god or an evil god, the people will worship you either way. Just to add more iceing onto the cake you also get your vary own creature. Your creature is a giant animal like a tiger, monkey or a cow and there are more then just the three i listed. Your creature will do what ever you tell him to do, but just like any pet he does need some training. It is up to you to teach him what you consider is right or wrong.

There are also meracles (magic) you can use like making food appear out of thin air or making a rain cloud so a field will grow faster. To use meracles people will need to believe and worship you cause whats a god without their follwers. To get more follwers you will need to impress and convert other villages so that they believe in you. The way you convert other villages is to impress them like making your presence know to them and nothing really says "I'm a god and I'm watching you" like setting a rock on fire, then throwing it. Another way you can impress villages is by sending your creature over, or you could just send some missanares, but if all else fails you could just burn their village to the ground. While there is anouther black and white game, the premise is the same. In black and white 2 your limited down to three creatures (four if you download the last one). The graphics are improved, and your creature is easier to teach; your meracles are also limited down to just six. It's still a very good game, just like the first. I just cant say much with out repeating what I've said concerning the first. Black and white and black and white 2 are both fun god simulators, and they are worth checking out.

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Black and White Series

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